Welcome to Nets' Merchant Portal!

        Updated information on all card transactions, easy access to
        settlement reports and information on turnover.

Dear Merchant Portal user account holder, the service is currently facing instability issues that may appear for the users as unavailability of the portal or even as a short downtime minutes. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
One place for all transactions
Nets Merchant Portal will provide you with a good overview of approved card transactions from Nets payment terminals and e-commerce solution (Netaxept). You can search for individual transactions, produce a revenue overview per card type or view statistics and graphical presentations of your turnover. Search results can be printed or exported to a file* for further processing.

Easy to use

  • An online tool 24/7, available in Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish
  • User friendly interface that is easy to navigate, user guide available within the portal
  • Personal and secure login

Multiple search options

  • Select transaction or batch information on e.g. period, card types, currency, amount, point of sale etc.
  • Produce statistics* for any reconciliation period, accumulated on year, month, week or day
  • View detailed information on your merchants/points of sale
  • Export search results* to files in different formats for further processing


  • Register and administer your own users and their privileges
  • Access customisation features, e.g. create virtual merchants, name payment terminal Id:s etc.

* Not available to Basic users

Did you know?
If you have a web shop that uses Netaxept for online payments, the Merchant Portal will display these together with the transactions received through your payment terminals. This way you can centrally monitor all of your incoming payments regardless of how they were received. Contact your local Nets sales team for more information about Netaxept.